Atelier  Renata Santos Machado


Interior designing  since 2002 

Our biggest concern? 

Understand each client’s identity. 

Transform living areas. 

Impact with simplicity.

Provide comfort with innovation. 

Touch the space with elegance. 

Give texture to the environment. 

An object in the epicenter. 

The new life of an old memory. 

The unique piece that makes the difference. 

Indoor and outdoor. 

Residential and commercial. 

Private and public. 

Contemporary and traditional. 

In Portugal and worldwide.

What we do best? 

Interior Design projects. Remodeling. Decoration. 

A turnkey offer: concept, project, global operation. 

Bespoke solutions. 

Experience new limits. 

Start before the beginning. 

Finish after the end. 

Renata Santos Machado 

The pleasure of carefully observe all the surroundings. 

An interest transformed into thirst for knowledge. 

Stacks of magazines. Piles of books. 

Trends, moods, environments, colors, materials, textures, design, arts, architecture.

At 28 a dream turned into a challenge. A new life came. 

Starting whith apartment rehabilitation in Lisbon historic areas.

Then countryside villas, beach houses, offices, spa's, restaurants, hotels.

Angola. UK.

From Lisbon. 

And now... Where to?